What is a Pre-book and Why do I Want One?

What Is a Pre-book?

Purchasing a Pre-book is the first step toward securing your spot on the January or February Holy Ship! sailing in 2016. Booking a cabin on Holy Ship is a two step process, and purchasing a Pre-book is step one. After purchasing a Pre-book, you will receive a unique password to complete the booking process. This password is also referred to as a Token. The Token is what you need for step two, it gives you access to the reservation system when it’s time to select your cabin and book your reservation.

How Do I Get One?

All passengers who have sailed on at least one Holy Ship! will receive a Pre-book Password on March 5th via email, as well as a designated time to purchase a Pre-book Token on either March 10th or 11th. Pre-book Password times are determined by your trip history. The more times you’ve attended Holy Ship! the earlier you can purchase a Pre-book!

When it is your time, go to cloud9reservations.com and click on Holy Ship Pre-book. Use the unique password that you received via email on March 5th to access the reservation system and purchase your Pre-book.

You can purchase your Holy Ship! 2016 Pre-book HERE.

What If I Have Never Been on Holy Ship! Before?


If there are any Pre-books remaining, they will be available to the general public beginning March 12th at 12pm ET. In order to Pre-book you MUST first create a Cloud 9 Account HERE. As part of this process you will create a username and password. You will need your username and password to purchase a Pre-book and then to redeem a cabin later this spring.

Once Pre-books are gone, you can join the Holy Ship! 2016 wait list.
We are happy to respond to your questions privately via email HERE or via our live chat HERE.


Helpful Tips:

Step one is when you decide which sailing you are going on - January or February.

Pre-books are not transferrable between January and February cruises or between passengers.

Receiving a Pre-book Password does NOT guarantee you a spot on Holy Ship! 2016.

More Pre-book Passwords were sent out than there are Pre-books available.

You must actually purchase a $250 USD Pre-book Token in order to book a cabin.

PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE BOOK - Only one person per cabin needs to purchase a Pre-book for the entire cabin.

Only one Pre-book can be applied per cabin.

Your Pre-book Password expires on March 12th at 11:59 AM ET. 

Please take a minute this week to log in to your account and verify/update your information. If you need to reset your account information, you can do that HERE

Do not create a new account if you have forgotten your login information or you risk losing the info about how many Holy Ship sailings you’ve been on - that is what we use to determine your booking time and when you get your robe, so please take note!

If you wish to cancel you will have 14 days from the initial announcement to receive a full refund less a $50 USD administrative fee. After that, regular cancellation fees apply according to the Holy Ship! 2016 Terms and Conditions.

We are happy to respond to your questions privately via email HERE or via our live chat HERE.

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