Pre-booked...Now What??

Congratulations! You have Pre-booked for Holy Ship! Now what??

Later this Spring, when details are finalized, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your Pre-book Token.  A Pre-book Token is much the same as your Pre-book Password and allows you to gain access to the reservation system through your Cloud 9 Reservations Account to book your cabin on Holy Ship!. The email will also include a time and date that you can redeem your token for a cabin. Please note, Pre-book Tokens are not transferable between the January and Febrary sailings OR between passengers.

You are guaranteed a cabin on Holy Ship! as long as you redeem your token during the pre-book redemption period. If you somehow forgot that you pre-booked for Holy Ship!, ignore the e-mails and don't pay attention to the website or Facebook page, YOU MAY MISS OUT AND LOSE YOUR GUARANTEE. Stay updated HERE!

There are cabins on the Divina that can hold 2, 3 or 4 people. These cabins are available on a first come, first served basis, based on your trip history and the order in which you purchased your Pre-book.  When you select your cabin, an additional $250 USD deposit will be required for your guests. If you reserve a 2 person cabin an additional $250 USD deposit will be necessary, a 3 person cabin requires an additional $500 USD deposit, and a 4 person cabin requires an additional $750 USD deposit. Please keep in mind that the cabin inventory may be limited.  It is advised that you have 3-5 cabin selections (both occupancy and cabin type) in mind before starting the booking process, in the event your first or second choice is not available.

By virtue of purchasing a Pre-book, you are considered the "lead passenger" in your reservation and the person responsible for redeeming your Pre-book and choosing your cabin mates, your cabin location and making sure your cabin mates make their payments on time. If you don’t know who is coming with you at the time you select your cabin, don’t worry, you can add your guests at anytime up until about one month prior to sailing. Keep in mind that it's free to add your guests for a limited time but the longer you wait, the larger the fees are to add your guests.

If your cabin mates have been on Holy Ship! before, you will be able to easily add them online by adding their legal name and the email address they have on file with Cloud 9 Adventures. If they are new to Holy Ship!, you will need them to create an account before adding them to your cabin. After registering, they will receive an email with their new username for future log in.

Once each passenger has an account, you can divide the payments between everyone in your cabin. If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need all of the credit card information (expiration date and card verification number) as well as the name and billing addresses for each card.

Holy Ship! is a 21+ event. All passengers attending MUST meet this age requirement at the time of boarding.

If you wish to cancel, you will have 14 days from the initial announcement to receive a full refund less a $50 USD administrative fee. After that, regular cancellation fees apply according to the Holy Ship! 2016 Terms and Conditions.

We are happy to respond to your questions privately via email HERE or via our live chat HERE.

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