Have you considered your carbon footprint for your travel to/from Miami for HolyShip!!!, and your share of the ship’s emissions? Positive Legacy and partner Trees, Water & People have helped offset the environmental impact of Cloud 9 Adventures events since 2007, channeling donations from passengers to construct hundreds of clean cookstoves and to plant tens of thousands of trees in Central America and the Caribbean. These programs reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, and produce tangible and immediate benefits for people and ecosystems throughout the region. Contribute to our greening efforts by purchasing a carbon offset at the time of booking your reservation or anytime you log in to make a payment. You can also click here to Leave a Positive Legacy and offset your carbon footprint with Trees, Water & People today!


Positive Legacy will be overseeing a recycling program on board as part of our greening efforts. Drinks on board will be served in compostable PLA cups made from corn, please cooperate by placing your cups, bottles, cans and other waste items in the proper receptacles! Look for our custom recycling & composting tents all throughout the ship and do your part to keep the scene clean.