What is a Cloud 9 Reservation Username & why do I need one?
Each Holy Ship! guest has a unique Cloud 9 Username that they create along with an additionally chosen password. This will allow you to book a cabin and log into your reservation to make payments and add items to your reservation. If you traveled on a previous Cloud 9 event, your username will remain the same.
Where can I purchase my Pre-book?

You can purchase your Pre-book at, or if you prefer to place your reservation over the phone, please call the Cloud 9 Adventure's Travel Department at (561) 368-8922.

How do I make a payment?
You can make a payment anytime either by:
  • Logging into your Cloud 9 Reservations Account at
  • Sending a money order or cashier's check payable to Beats at Sea, LLC.
  • Contacting the Cloud 9 Travel Team at (561) 368-8922
What type of payments are accepted?

Holy Ship! accepts major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Cashier's checks and money orders are acceptable & encouraged forms for making future payments but the initial deposit must be paid by credit card at the time of booking.


Do I have to pay in full or is there a payment plan offered for Holy Ship!
You must pay your $250 Pre-book in full in March.  An additional $250 per person deposit will be due at the time of cabin selection and then certain payment dates or milestones must be met in order to keep your reservation in good standing.  You can make smaller payments whenever you are able but a $35 late fee will be assesed the day after these payment dates on delinquent reservations.
What is a Pre-Book Token?

A Pre-Book Token is simply the unique code that you will use to access the booking pages. The token will go live at a specific time based on the priority of your pre-book, which will allow you to access the booking pages and choose any of the available inventory.  Only one cabin can be booked per token and tokens are non-transferable. Any reservation placed where the "Lead Passenger" (the person that placed the reservation) is not the token holder will be cancelled.

What if I don't Pre-book? When can I place my reservation?

Holy Ship! normally sells out during the Pre-book period. If you want to come on Holy Ship! e sure to get a Pre-book.  If you miss out, be sure to join the wait list!

What is the Pre-Book Cancellation Policy?
Those who Pre-book will have 14 days from the initial annoucement of HOLY SHIP! later this Spring to cancel that Pre-book for a full refund minus a $50 administrative fee. Beginning 15 days after the initial announcement, or upon redeeming your Pre-book token for a cabin, your $250 pre-book credit will be subject to the standard cancellation policies outlined in the event terms and conditions. Additional Terms & Conditions will apply. You will agree to these terms once you purchase your cabin on Holy Ship!
How is my Pre-book Password date and time determined?
Both your Pre-book Password date and time as well as your Pre-book Token redemption date and time are determined by both your trip history and how early you purchased your Pre-book.  Don't put off securing your Pre-book or risk losing valuable cabin options later this Spring!
When does a Pre-book become a cabin?
Later this Spring when the Official Announcement is released you will receive a "Token" with a date and time that can be converted into a Cabin on Holy Ship!  Token Redemption takes place the week after the Official Announcement.
Can I buy a Pre-book for my friend?
No.  Pre-books are not transferable between passengers.
Whoops! I bought a February Pre-book but want to sail on January. Can I switch it?
No.  Pre-books are non-transferable between sailings.  You will have to cancel your February Pre-book and purchase a January Pre-book, if there are any available.
Should everyone in my cabin purchase a Pre-book?
No.  Only ONE Pre-book can be applied per cabin.  Do not overbook!